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Feb 28, 2009

Not As Old As I Thought...

I thought I'd try the hearing test again just for the heck of it, and this time I heard it! The first time I took the test and failed, I had downloaded the mp3 file and played it with Windows Media Player. This time I was able to play it on the player included in the link and heard it. Not sure if that made the difference or not.

On the other hand, this second time when I passed, I was also eating ice cream. Hmmm....

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My Old Ears!!!

Ah yes. All those years of listening to loud music have caught up to me. sigh.

DrowseyMonkey, has this on her blog, and thought I'd try it myself. I failed! I was skeptical at first (if I really can't hear it, it must be a hoax), but then I had my six year old listen.

"I can hear it!" she said.

(thanks, kid ;) arrgh.

I asked her to describe it and she couldn't. I then had her close her eyes, and tell me when the sound started, and when it stopped (to make sure she really could hear it, and wasn't just playing along). Sure enough, she told me when it started, and as my eyes followed the audio player status bar, when it stopped. Lo and behold, it appears to be legit.

Give it a try yourself, and may you have a better result than I did!

Train Horns

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Feb 27, 2009

My New Best Friend


I finally got around to trying coffee flavoured Bailey's. The regular Bailey's that DH bought came with a 50ml trial size of the coffee variety.

Now while I realize that there could be a slight bias at work here (i.e. coffee ;) there is no denying the YUM factor. All that's missing is the Pot Of Gold chocolates...

Feb 26, 2009

Snow? What Snow?

Apparently we're not done yet! At the moment it's -3C and there's about an inch of snow on the ground. If you're from the east or northern BC you're laughing at that, but lemme tell ya, this is weird for the south coast of BC this close to March.

The snow itself is not too bad, but today it's pretty icy. So far my snow boots have kept me upright, but I keep hearing good things about those attachable grips that you can put on your shoes. When the snow is too deep for shoes or too cold for rain boots, they seem silly, but it's a day like today that they're clearly designed for...

Feb 24, 2009

My Solemn Vow

You are my witness!

Today I make this pledge to finally, once and for all:

despite all obstacles that may appear in my path, or attempt to dissuade me from my goal;
despite any and all misgivings others may have about the sincerity of my purpose;
despite countless interruptions from my children; or anything else that could stand in my way...

I do hereby solemnly swear that,


I will....



Feb 22, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #7

(A macro shot of my liquid dish soap :)


Feb 21, 2009

Sign Of The Times

We took the kids to Boston Pizza last night (after buying our new computer desk).

Boston Pizza is a pretty kid friendly place: the kids are given paper games and colouring sheets, as well as small (brand new) boxes of crayons to take home. Last night, after being greeted by our friendly server, A & J were given each one blank sheet of paper, and a small cup of used & broken crayons to share.

Ohhhhh kay.... really?? (cutting costs??) It was bizarre. (I'm just sayin').

Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Feb 10, 2009

Guess What Wii Got?

Heh heh. (Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

My husband brought it home today, and now Lil' J & A are busy bowling. I, on the other hand, am trying to remember how to find my router's access code so that I can connect the Wii to the internet. If necessary I suppose I can call the router company: "Help? I'm a dork - how do I find the code again? You know, the one that I set up to begin with?", but at this point I'm not motivated enough. That may change after the kids are in bed and I have the Wii controller in my hot little hands.

Meanwhile, what I should be doing instead of typing this is making the kids dinner. Ah, dinner. What I really want are some of the Dad's cookies that DH bought, but that would not be setting a good example now, would it ;)

Feb 7, 2009

Welcome To My New Blog!

I've been wanting to revise my home page for awhile now, and was looking for a blogspot address that hadn't already been used, but was simple and memorable. My "Blog Scene" URL is and even I can't remember it (oops). So I kept trying different addresses in Blogger, over and over again until I found some that was available, and wasn't

Geez Louise, everything from to was taken, so I was shocked and amazed when "" showed as available. The fact that I'm a coffee addict made it an easy sell ;)

Anyway, links to posts on my other blogs are to the left. Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!