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Feb 10, 2009

Guess What Wii Got?

Heh heh. (Sorry, couldn't resist ;)

My husband brought it home today, and now Lil' J & A are busy bowling. I, on the other hand, am trying to remember how to find my router's access code so that I can connect the Wii to the internet. If necessary I suppose I can call the router company: "Help? I'm a dork - how do I find the code again? You know, the one that I set up to begin with?", but at this point I'm not motivated enough. That may change after the kids are in bed and I have the Wii controller in my hot little hands.

Meanwhile, what I should be doing instead of typing this is making the kids dinner. Ah, dinner. What I really want are some of the Dad's cookies that DH bought, but that would not be setting a good example now, would it ;)

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