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Mar 22, 2009

Coffee Brewing Tip

If you`re looking to perfect your coffee brewing technique, here`s something to try:

Use two filters, and a coarser grind.

The reason: over extraction makes coffee bitter, and a grind that is too fine results in over extraction (but a grind that is too coarse with one filter results in weak coffee).

However if you use two filters, the water doesn`t pass through as quickly, and the coffee will be more full bodied. That, combined with a coarser grind to reduce bitterness, makes a better tasting cup.

I read this tip awhile ago, and the results were so good, I haven`t looked back. You may have to experiment with the way you grind your beans - I know for myself, over-grinding was an ingrained habit that took awhile to break. I use a re-usable filter, combined with a paper one as well. I compost my used grinds and paper filters, so at least that makes it a bit more green.

Have fun, and happy brewing!

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