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Mar 20, 2009

Cats Run My Life

Since the acquisition of our scrumptious new leather couches (ahhhh!!! they still smell intoxicating), I've been, um, "working with" the cats to create an environment that is couch safe and still pet tolerant. One of my strategies has been to lock the cats in the basement at night, when they're not subject to human supervision.

They have places to sleep, and I provide them with litter. Apparently I've failed in this regard, because they've made alternate arrangements. Specifically, one of my plants.

It's kind of my own fault, because I (duh) have not removed the plant. And once the soil has been peed in, that's it. It's cat territory. There's no amount of cleaning or scooping, or disinfecting the surrounding laminate that will dissuade them from their target.

"Ha!! It's ours now, so give it up, you sad and sorry human!!"

Regretfully, I think the only solution is to move the plant outside, and take my chances with the elements. It'll either grow, or die. So be it.

Here's my issue: if I move the plant outside, then what? Will they continue to ignore the litter I've provided and move on to the next plant? Will they systematically go from plant to plant in their relentless pursuit of human dominance? Will they ultimately prevail and continue to rule???


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