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Mar 19, 2009

A Tale Of Two Couches

Four, actually, if you want to get technical... there were two, um, old tattered ones and now there are two delicious smelling new leather ones!!

We have cat issues. Our cats, between the two of them, have virtually destroyed the old couches (hence the "tattered" description). They weren't just couches, they were cat beds and scratching posts as well. And, um, cat urine dribble catchers. Blech. Let's just say they're not fit to be passed on to anyone or sold.

We took the ultimate risk of bringing NEW LEATHER into a house with two clawed cats. Two cats with claws, and only ONE spray bottle. Did I mention the leather? It's not cheap. (Nor is my daughter quiet, as she rambles on about one of the cats while I type this. I take no responsibility for grammatical errors while my attention is so divided :p )


I had heard many leather couch and cat stories, ranging from "Omg, my cats destroyed it!" to "it was fabulous - they ignored it." I have to confess I was skeptical, and for the first few hours after the couches were delivered, a little stressed out.

I'm happy to report that so far, knock on wood (you too please? any wood you have handy?) it's been a non-issue. The cats have come forward ever so tentatively to sniff the couches, but that's been about it. I'm starting to feel hope!!

Can they really leave the leather alone? Is that even possible?

DH has agreed to spend $$ on a "cat condo" - you know, one of those atrocities that they can climb on, sleep in, or scratch that are more, uh, rec-room style as opposed to front room decor? Hopefully that will give them an alternative spot to "cat" on. (Whaaat?? Hey, if "google" can be a verb... ) I think safeguarding our new yummy chocolate coloured leather is worth nasty-cat-condo-ing a corner of the room.

Wish me luck.

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