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Jul 15, 2009

Wart's Going On?

Ah, wart remedies.

Here's a list of 50:

I have personally tried the duct tape remedy, and although it took a long time, it worked beautifully. My Doc says it's because the tape attracted the attention of the body's immune system, which is what really fought off the wart (not the tape itself).

My mother in law commented recently that she had a nagging wart that she couldn't seem to get rid of, until she got a large splinter stuck in it - then the wart disappeared within days. She laughed as she told me that the next time she gets a wart, she's going to find a splinter and stick herself on purpose. (psst! wake up immune system!!).

So there ya go. It's not the stuff you put on the wart that kills it - it's your own immune system.

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