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Apr 17, 2009

Playoff Beard

Aw, shucks guys, I'd grow one if I could. Hey, I could stop shaving my legs? Ohhh kaaayy maybe not. I'm a fan, but let's have some boundaries here.

I'm referring to our local NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks, and how they're up in the series 2-0 against the St. Louis Blues. I avoid the yearly playoff disappointment but just assuming that they're never going to win, but I still support the team.

My husband is a huge fan (hmmm. I see stubble ;) At the moment he's asleep on the couch wearing fleece Canucks lounge?pajama pants. We have too much 'Nucks stuff in the house to list, so I won't, but just think easy Father's Day, birthday and Christmas shopping.

He won't let me buy game tickets though (so I suppose our big screen TV is paying for itself!) because they're STUPID expensive. (Seriously, what gives with that, anyway?)

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